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About Us

N.G.P. NETIDIS-MECHANICAL SEALS was founded in 1987 in Thessaloniki and operated as a merchandiser in the area of industrial products such as oil seals, bearings and mechanical seals.

Since then, the company is featuring a continuous development due to the quality of the products and the service that it offers, as well as to the building of strong and trustful relationships with its partners.

The last years, the company's specialization in the trading of mechanical seals leaded to the foundation of a new branch office in Piraeus, and another one which is outside of Greece, NGP Seals in Skopje.

N.G.P. NETIDIS-MECHANICAL SEALS represents the most well-known manufactures of Europe, United States and Japan (JOHN CRANE, FLUITEN, BT- BURGMANN, NGP) and can guarantee the quality of the mechanical seals that it offers to its customers.

The continuous observation of the market needs, the knowledge concerning the latest developments in the mechanical seals industry and the company's high quality equipment, have all together placed the company's name among the most reliable companies.

N.G.P. NETIDIS-MECHANICAL SEALS has also become widely known in Greece and in Europe through its participation in several trade fairs, presenting this way the variety of its products.

The company continues its dynamic development by following the same successful course from the first year of its establishment until now.